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Gacked from sabershadowkat

Write a random phrase from each of the following:

Nearest book to you:

Just as well: because a daemon was instantly recognisable as what he was, and to see one without his human would have caused a sensation, if not an outcry of fear and horror.

--Philip Pullman, Lyra's Oxford (Signed, First Edition, Brit Edition...thanks and *hugs* to malachan *G*)

Nearest cd insert:

"There's got to be a solution that stops it going dum de dum"

The Beatles --Let it Be...Naked

Nearest piece of paper that you wrote on:


--I have no idea. Adding money up, most likely.

Nearest piece that was written to you:

"And for the first time ever, your AAA card has a new gas rebate program that puts 5% in every purchase you make at the pump right back into your pocket!"

--Junk mail from AAA.

Something on your desk:

A square button that says "If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention."

Okay, gotta go to a school function. On a Saturday, wah.
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