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DT: come reap
Posted on 2004.23.02 at 14:59
How I feel about it all: gratefulgrateful
Soundtrack: Loreena McKennit - Greensleeves
Apparently Gavin Newsom, mayor of San Francisco, is getting quite a bit of hate mail. Someone on one of my mailing lists (http://www.peaceroots.org) is encouraging people to write to Mayor Newsom with thanks and encouragement to counteract the hate mail.

His email is gavin.newsom@sfgov.org.

Go, on, write! Show your support!

Dear Mayor Newsom,

I know there must be hundreds, even thousands of letters coming in for you right now. I'm sure that some aren't very supportive, to say the least.

I don't live in SF (I live in Rhode Island), but I just wanted to write and tell you how courageous you are for doing what you're doing. Because of what is happening in your city, same-sex marriage is being shown for what it is: a loving declaration of commitment to another person, just like any other marriage. I've heard that people are becoming desensitized to the scenes coming into their living rooms from SF City Hall. (this is a good thing, because it's becoming "normalized" in the minds of the public). I've read that polls are saying that support for same-sex marriage is up from what it had been only recently.

I wasn't around at the historic beginning of the Civil Rights movement for people of color. I couldn't write to Rosa Parks thanking her for her courage and dedication in starting the avalanche that still rolls on today. I'm glad I can send you my thanks and admiration for doing something which I firmly believe is as brave as what she did. Rosa's act benefitted all people, black and white together. Hopefully yours will, as well, by eventually giving all citizens equal rights.

This act made a lot of people uncomfortable. It needed to. Thank you again.


(my name and address)

ETA: Waitaminute! Why can't I write to Rosa? I can! Anyone know how to get in touch with her?


let's get the seven lines.
bookshop at 2004-02-23 10:43 (UTC) ()
What I said:

From: Aja Romano <aromano@indiana.edu>
To: gavin.newsom@sfgov.org
Subject: thank you

Dear Mayor Newsom,

I am not your constituent, but I wish whole-heartedly that I were, and that I could support your historic actions in San Francisco last week further with my vote.

What you are doing is inspirational to every one of us, and will be remembered by history as one of the most courageous acts of any of the various Civil Rights movements in this country.

The phrase, "what is right is not always popular" has never been more relevant than it is today. What we need so desperately in this country right now are men and women who are willing to do what is right, regardless of whether or not it is the popular choice.

That you and your entire staff and city leaders recognized the opportune moment for action in San Francisco, and were willing to be the first to stop talking about equality for gays and lesbians and start acting, even in the face of all the opposition around you, speaks volumes about your
vision and your courage. It speaks volumes about the heart of San Francisco and the people, both gay and straight, who live there. It says to me that you are one of the leaders this country so desperately needs, who will do what is right in a time of crisis, without regard to what is the most popular solution--and it renews my hope for America.

Thank you.

Keep fighting the good fight. You have the support, prayers, love, and gratitude of people all across this country, all across the world.

Aja Romano
try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
primroseburrows at 2004-02-23 21:14 (UTC) ()


*g* I hope he gets zillions of letters like that. The guy's not just risking his job, he's risking his freedom. Apparently there are some who want him arrested.
folk at 2004-02-24 00:36 (UTC) ()
Fantastic idea, hon. It's on my to-do list to stop from feeling more impotent than Bob Dole in this fight.
try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
primroseburrows at 2004-02-24 03:53 (UTC) ()
I wish I could take credit for it. Peaceroots is a great organisation; they've got a lot of good ideas.
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