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I was at this news conference yesterday!

It was an incredible thing, hearing all these different clergy (a Presbyterian minister, a Methodist minister, an Episcopal priest, a letter read from a Reformed Jewish Rabbi [read by a member of his synagogue] and a whole passel of Unitarian Universalists) stand up and speak out for equal marriage.

The press was there, too. The Providence Journal and WPRO Radio sent people, and I think Channel 6, but I'm not positive.

The only politician who showed up was Sen. Rhoda Perry, who just introduced a bill to the RI senate which would legalise same-sex marriage. She urged RI residents to call their representatives voicing support for the bill, 'cause we're the ones who vote the pols into (and out of!) office.

The whole conference took only about an hour, but it was so very, very worthwhile.

As soon as I know the bill number, I'll be bringing postcards to my church, addressed to Langevin, Chafee and Reed (oh, my!) and ask congregation members to write letters of support. Sen. Perry says that contact with the reps is the most important thing to do in the movement right now.

Like bookshop, I feel really good to be actually doing something, instead of just ranting and throwing up my hands a lot. Wish me luck, d00ds.

And go read the article. You have to register, but it's free!

ETA: Why yes, I am a proud member of RI Unitarian Universalists for Social Justice, thanks. Whee!
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