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I'm trying, I'm really trying. I want to take a rant holiday. I can be a normal fangirl. I will, too.

Right after I post this. This letter isn't hearts and flowers and eloquent speeches. It's stuff like this:

"However, life at school was becoming unbearable. Just to walk from classroom was an ordeal. My books would be repeatedly knocked out of my hands, making me late for class. Trying to explain to the teacher my tardiness was useless. One day a student came up from behind and hit me in the back of the head with a large Bible and told me I was an abomination.

Another day a student had stabbed me with his pencil in my buttocks in full view of a teacher. when I protested, she said, "I thought that you would enjoy that." One day I was spat upon by a group of boys. When I told the teacher, she said, "Go wash the spit out of your hair and off your shirt. I am sure it was an accident." When I reported the vulgar sexual comments made to me, which would have been considered sexual harassment if I were a girl, the counselor would only say he would talk to them and not enforce the mandatory expulsion rule for sexual harassment. Then I would be physically attacked. One on one, I could handle the situation; but it was very rarely one on one."

If you've never experienced this kind of violent humiliation for whatever reason (and there aren't any reasons, only excuses), thank whatever god/lucky stars you believe in. And don't say you can imagine what it must be like, because you can't.

Now I'm really going on a rant hiatus. At least three days of peace and music fun!
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