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DT: come reap

Equal time for Harry

Posted on 2002.09.11 at 13:45
How I feel about it all: boredbored
Soundtrack: nada
Well, I did Draco, so now it's Harry's turn.

Wait. That didn't come out right.

Ah, well...

Googlism for Harry. Interesting to note there are more HP references for the name "Harry" than for "Draco".

I never want to meet the person who says "harry is going 2 go out wit cho?" Please, if there is a god, keep him/her away from me...

harry is the enforcer
harry is mourned
harry is a pothead and the
harry is a record
harry is found
harry is to fall under spell of girls
harry is sunk by rio
harry is so right to
harry is not my child
harry is gunning for the
harry is ready to cast his spell on audiences
harry is lost
harry is history
harry is in the pool
harry is an old soul"
harry is glammy supporter of the month june 2001
harry is weer thuis
harry is a budgie
harry is a pothead and the sorcerer's stoned
harry is reading
harry is great
harry is one
harry is 23
harry is not my "potter"
harry is at it again
harry is mourned sir harry llewellyn won gold at the 1952 helsinki olympics
harry is a pothead and the sorcerer's stoned harry potter sucks he is a pothead books word of advice for harry potter
harry is back
harry is a pothead
harry is here and fact monster goes to the movies holly hartman
harry is to fall under spell of girls"
harry is sunk by rio trio by david mellor
harry is so right to praise imports by david mellor
harry is gunning for the ada
harry is history by feebledebbiev
harry is an enchanting experience
harry is a nice person
harry is set for a titanic opening
harry is made to understand feelings and emotion
harry is given a strange marking on his forehead
harry is home
harry is 11 first year at hogwarts
harry is an old soul" by jk rowling
harry is 12
harry is medicine's new golden boy
harry is cool
harry is here and infoplease goes to the movies holly hartman
harry is a homo
harry is going 2 go out wit cho?
harry is a young lad
harry is older
harry is really great at make a package jump off the shelf
harry is almost like any other hero
harry is married to kelly
harry is hypnotic and indulging
harry is playing next
harry is one of my favourite films
harry is a 8 year old irish terrier
harry is a member of
harry is causing
harry is shown in the opening scenes single
harry is in terrible danger
harry is a nobody
harry is expecting these
harry is likely to ensure than whatever lingering sympathies you might have had for woody allen's films following bullets
harry is half
harry is 'the' reason to visit
harry is rescued from his ghastly relatives by a giant man called hagrid
harry is a concerned teacher who has been given the assignment of teaching in the "dungeon"
harry is signed by mercury records
harry is a caseworker for the social services department
harry is raised in the household of his truly vile relatives; his bedroom is a closet under the stairs
harry is the henpecked husband who wants an evening out on the town
harry is healed and is excused from the hospital wing
harry is watching you
harry is stuck with them all summer
harry is bad news
harry is a willfully driven individual
harry is in the potions class he is caught writing notes down
harry is also notable for being the first film in hitchcock?s long and fruitful collaboration with composer bernard hermann
harry is wondering in his bath how long it will take to wash away the creamy cake from his face
harry is
harry is a little white dog with black spots who loves everything
harry is very business
harry is not my "potter"
harry is a 12m
harry is his mother
harry is on his way


ex_mommybir at 2002-11-09 10:56 (UTC) ()
My favorite: "harry is a budgie"

My budgies are Charles and Julian. *g*
try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
primroseburrows at 2002-11-09 11:31 (UTC) ()
I like "Harry is not my child".

Which is true.

Harry was my father's name, actually
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