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Hi Fred!

Reading the words on your website have inspired me so much.

I just wanted to let you know that because of the Work your group did with picketing Fred Rogers' memorial service (as well as the work y'all have done with the "Matthew Shepard Memorial)", I was inspired to donate money to the Matthew Shepard Foundation.

Also, I've donated money to the Elton John AIDS foundation, all the while thinking about the WBC and what it's accomplished.

Yes, you, Fred Phelps, have helped these two wonderful charities. I'm sure I will continue to support them, inspired by what you and your group have done.

Karma's a b**tch, Fred.


[my name],RN

I'm not sure I should have signed my name, but eh. What can the guy do, picket my house? d00d, Bring It On .[/John Kerry]

In other news, my dining/living room is Pink!
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