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DT: come reap

When they do the double dutch that's them dancing...

Posted on 2004.24.03 at 19:28
How I feel about it all: gratefulsentimental
Soundtrack: Liz Phair - Whip-smart
For mr_t00by and patchfire's future son that I just know she's gonna have:

I'm gonna tell my son to join a circus so that death is cheap
And games are just another way of life
And I'm gonna tell my son to be a prophet of mistakes
Because for every truth there are half a million lies
And I'm gonna lock my son up in a tower
Till he learns to let his hair down far enough to climb outside


the day you left was just my beginning
patchfire at 2004-03-24 16:36 (UTC) ()
I'm gonna tell my son to grow up pretty as the grass is green
And whip-smart as the English Channel's wide


Now you've made me go and put it on iTunes.

(And is it just too weird that I already know a) what the birth announcement's going to look like; and b) what his husband's going to look like??)
try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
primroseburrows at 2004-03-25 09:35 (UTC) ()
He could end up being your third child (or fourth!), y'know. You might have a girl this time. But, eh.
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