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Road Triplet and John Lennon

Posted on 2002.10.11 at 22:26
How I feel about it all: nostalgicnostalgic
Soundtrack: Beatles - Because
This afternoon I drove 136 miles round trip to spend a half-hour at a lovely, lovely exhibit showcasing the art of John Lennon. It was presented by Yoko as a benefit for Adopt A Classroom.

Lotsa drawings, some news clippings, wonderful paintings John made for his son Sean, song lyrics...all very wonderful and sighworthy. The simplicity of his artwork is its genius, I think.

I like this one:

trip to japan

Of course I didn't buy anything (most expensive thing, and original drawing at 22 grand, cheapest a twelve-dollar T-shirt), but still, it was fun, and actually worth the drive.

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