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You know what's insane? The fact that I, of all people, got in the mail today a catalogue called The Joyful Child: Essential Montessori for Birth to Three.

My question is WHY? Maybe it's because of the fact that Montessori Education is frequently and quite erroneously associated with Waldorf Education. They're so different it's like night and day, really. So hmm.

So, I'm looking through this catalogue, and find out that Montessori seems to be big on child-led weaning. Well, this sounds like a great idea, until you look at it closer. Here's the blurb for a booklet called How I Weaned Myself:

"Intelligent preparation for weaning begins very early in the first year of life because it is the child who knows when best to be weaned and we must be prepared to follow his lead. If we provide all the elements--chair, table, spoon, glass--he will make this important step of independence at the right (italics theirs) time. We asked a couple who followed this path to weaning to write this up to share with other parents and they recommended reading it early."

I dunno. This sounds waay too regimented for me, and I read on a Montessouri website that someone was using the traditional "weaning chair and table" (small table-and-chair set) when the child was eight months old. Bleh. Yeah, I know that Waldorf encourages weaning at a year, and I don't agree with that either, but. This sounds almost, I dunno, Mao-esque or something. This Is The Way Things Are and all.

*sigh* I know. The sound I hear is all those people mass-defriending me out of boredom (except patchfire, who will actually read this). I know if I asked "what are your five favourite songs", I'd get lots of comments. *g*

So...what ARE your five favourite songs, guys, and why?
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