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You bring your guitar, I'll bring the wine...

Posted on 2004.24.04 at 10:44
How I feel about it all: boredbored
Soundtrack: Little Feat - Tripe Face Boogie
I'm hopefully going to see Goodbye, Lenin! tonight at the Avon tonight.

Has anyone seen it? It sounds like a lot of fun--just my kind of film. If you saw it, whaddya think? No spoilers, please.


quiridion at 2004-04-25 04:44 (UTC) ()
Is that the one where his mum wakes up from a coma 10 years after the wall has come down and they have to try and pretend they are still living in the DDR incase she has a heart attack and dies? I've seen the trailer for that and it looks cracking and I know a couple of Germans who've seen it and said it was really funny.
Did you end up going to see it?
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