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Boredom sets in and all goes to Hell

primroseburrows: Good writing is just. So important.
patchfire: Yes
patchfire: Drarry?
primroseburrows: Ergh.
primroseburrows: Does it say Drarry?
patchfire: It's too close to 'dromedary'
primroseburrows: *dies*
patchfire: in one description on her recs page, yeah
primroseburrows: Oh. Heh.
primroseburrows: Snarry I can live with. Drarry is just. No.
patchfire: Yeah
primroseburrows: I mean, from there it just leads to Rarry, Hermiarry, Siriarry, and um. Remarry.
patchfire: hehee
primroseburrows: And of course, Nevarry.
primroseburrows: And the rare Parvarry.
primroseburrows: Of course, it could be worse, It could be Haco.
patchfire: that sounds like a dessert - Parvarry
patchfire: Eek
primroseburrows: Yes. Parvarry Parfait.
patchfire: hehe
patchfire: Haco sounds like an off-brand of biscuits that's sold at Tesco's far away from London.
primroseburrows: Heee.
patchfire: :D
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