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DT: come reap
Posted on 2002.12.11 at 12:27
How I feel about it all: post fic afterglow
Soundtrack: Alanna Myles - Black Velvet (of course!)
Okay, kiddies, it's that time again!

Time to drop whatever you're doing and read the latest chapter of the glompworthy Underwater Light, lovingly written by none other than our own sarahtales.

Yes folks, it's the continuing story of our intrepid boys, Smitten!Harry and Whoknowswhathe'sthinking!Draco. Now featuring Hermione!

(no, not like that with Hermione, getcher mind out o' the gutter, or perhaps, write your own H/H/D story)

This is chapter nine, so if you haven't read 1-8 yet, you'll have to go do that first.

Oh, and leave a Review!


Sarah Rees Brennan
sarahtales at 2002-11-13 02:23 (UTC) ()
I can't write H/Hr/D?
My God, my entire plot down the drain...
I wonder if Parvati would do instead...
*smiles and glomps you*
try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
primroseburrows at 2002-11-13 13:03 (UTC) ()
I knew it all the time. All that H/D clueless UST was just a smoke screen for a hot PWP threesome.

They're both actually dizzy for Hermione. Or Parvati. Or something.

Erm...*does Harry imitation*

Mad Maudlin
ginzai at 2002-11-14 10:52 (UTC) ()
Ah, H/D/H... A fanfic love that is yet to be done well. (Which is actually odd, as I can see H/D and D/Hr, but not H/H. Go figure.) Maybe that can be somehow written into the Artemis/Draco fic. On the other hand, if Draco managed to get it on with Harry, Hermione, *and* Artemis all in one story, the world might implode.

That was a fun chapter, wasn't it? Glorious H/D! And the boys so cheerfully oblivious to the obvious raging lust that consumes them. Er, something like that, at any rate. I liked Hermione's reaction, very believavle and unusual in H/D fic, but I'd love to get into Lupin's head regarding the matter..
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