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Well, I'm just a modern guy...

There's been discussion both on taradiane's and rakshi's LJs of whether Daniel Radcliffe and Elijah Wood resemble each other.

Now, I figured my bringing this subject up might bring about a bunch o' objections. So, I thought I'd do a little test. Decide for yourself, y'all.

...from rakshi's LJ

Probably the best way to figure this out is to look at pictures of both of them at the same age. Daniel will be fifteen in July of this year (kill me now for knowing that, k?).

This picture of fifteen-year-old Elijah is from 1996, a screencap from Flipper:


This picture of not-quite-fifteen-year-old Dan is from a recent Roadshow magazine:

There's certainly a resemblance, and I think they could easily be mistaken for brothers. Still, there's a lot of pics of both of them that don't look at all alike (By this I mean lots of separate pictures. I don't actually know if they've ever met. Anyone know?). When they smile, they look totally different, however. Dan's doesn't have the gap in his teeth, and their facial expressions aren't alike.

Still, especially in these two shots, yeah. I see it.[/copy/paste]

It's interesting to see the reactions to the comparison on each LJ.

This one is mostly fans of Elijah and this one is mostly fans of Tara's w00blet.

Rak and Tara are both lovely in their own right, o'course. *hugs them*

I'm not even going to tell y'all how long it took me code all this. Life? Moi?.
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