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Posted on 2004.26.05 at 14:30
How I feel about it all: sadshocked and sad
Soundtrack: None
I'm too shocked for words, and very, very sad.

RIP Richard Biggs.

Thanks to heinous_bitca for the heads-up.


Jen the Fangirl
fangirljen at 2004-05-26 23:50 (UTC) ()

Saw your Delenn pic over at <lj user="ladyjaida">'s so I came over.

*frowns and nods* I'm glad to see someone else mention him in their journal.

That's such a short footnote for him. :( I've gotten some things from the Zocalo and the Galactic Gateway on my LJ. One other thing you probably would be interested in (also from the Zocalo and the Galactic Gateway newsletters):


Here is something from John Hudgens:

Some of you may know my work on the official Babylon 5 music videos -
I haven't done one in four years, but Rick's passing got me
thinking about scenes and connections, and I made a new tribute
video for Rick I'd like to share with the community...

Joe Straczynski gave me permission to post this online, so here
goes... you can download it here:

Rick will be missed...

John Hudgens

John/Fenn -- you have created a very special video to bring some
special memories back of Richard. Thank you so much.

try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
primroseburrows at 2004-05-27 05:04 (UTC) ()

Re: Saw your Delenn pic over at <lj user="ladyjaida">'s so I came over.


Thanks for the link. I'm trying to remember if I've even seen Richard in person, and I think I have. I went to a lot of cons during the height of B5 (never saw Mira, though, that's still a goal). It's sad that he's gone, and even sadder that he's gone so young. It makes you stop and think about life, I guess.
Jen the Fangirl
fangirljen at 2004-05-27 07:42 (UTC) ()

Re: Saw your Delenn pic over at <lj user="ladyjaida">'s so I came over.

Sure thing. :)

I never have. For the last three years, I wanted the Biggs and Carter Experience to come to Cali. They were going to perform out here, too, finally.

He was pretty exceptional. I'm sad for his dying so young, but for what he never was able to accomplish (even if what I had in mind was a bit of a pipedream...no pun intended to the group he worked out of. I kind of had this hope to see Franklin and Chambers hook up at some point, because I thought they had pretty amazing chemistry on screen).

I started to think about what he supposedly died of: a massive stroke or an aneurysm. :( Things that just can sneak up on you without very little notice.
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