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DT: come reap

God's tattooed left cheek, but I'm spamming tonight, despite LJ!Hell...

Posted on 2004.24.06 at 22:28
How I feel about it all: gratefulgrateful as all hell
Soundtrack: Billy Joel - C'Etai't Toi (You Were The One)
...and OMG, I just checked my email and now know who the lovely person is who bought me LJ time. I won't say here in case the giver wishes to remain anonymous.

I shall write you a Drabble, my dear, though I am so not worthy. *grins* I don't think you'll be wanting Harry/Ginny. *g*.

*loves, loves, loves* I am your fangirl and friend forever, darling. *hugs tightly*

ETA: There's two of you! You evil, wonderful people. *loves*


meggitymeg at 2004-06-24 20:05 (UTC) ()
*hugs* Like I said earlier, no one should have to live without their icons! (Or their ability to make polls.)

I'm just glad I could help brighten your day. :D
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