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So, before we end (and then begin), we'll drink a toast to how it's been...

Yeah, I know, everyone's putting up a nocturne_alley farewell post. I wasn't going to, but I just can't NOT do it.

*raises Diet Coke can* NA, ya done good, kids. As near to perfect as can possibly be.

Some of my favourite snippets:

An Act Most Outrageous, AKA nocturne_alley, the musical. Best. RPG moment ever. Ever ever.

potions_master gets a kitten!.

The Q&A sessions.

lupercus's wedding gift to jadedsirius.


jadedsirius's list.

The Volga Boat Song. *sings* Draco Maaaalfoooy....

I could go on with many, many more, especially The Outing. This thread above all shows the dedication and sensitivity of the players. Beautifully done.

And the players...what can I say, guys? *applauds you all* purestblood, potions_master knight_to_h3, lupercus. just_harry, ohh. *loves so much*. All of you, brilliant jobs. You should be well proud.

As much as every single player made NA the quality game that it was, I have to reserve my highest, most admiring praise for potterstinks and the person who played him. PS's player, the Draco Malfoy you've created is Canon Draco, as he would be if JKR would deem to develop him as much as I'd like. You 've given Draco the depth she didn't, or wouldn't, without varying an inch from canon. When I think of canon Draco, I think of the flawed, intelligent, arrogant, completely human potterstinks. It's this character that shines for me above all the others ,wonderful, talented though they are. Thank you, and all the cast, for sharing this wonderful, entertaining ride with us.

I never expected to be teary over something like the end of an RPG, but I am. I guess it's like when your favourite show is cancelled or finished and you know that you can go back and see the reruns, but it won't be the same. Like just_harry, we're reasurred that we can go back and read the journals, but we won't be seeing anything new written. Hail and farewell, nocturne_alley. I'll miss you all. I especially love that the cast has let us know that the lives of these characters will go on.

All shall be well, all shall be well, and all manner o' things shall be well. Or some semblance thereof. *watery smile*

And just_harry? I want lupercus back, too.
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