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DT: come reap

Idiots at the public school.

Posted on 2002.16.11 at 09:40
How I feel about it all: angryangry
Soundtrack: Rufus Wainwright - In My Arms
Okay, so my kid's been late for a few classes. He has to rely on one of his friends coming and picking him up, and, yeah, he doesn't really care anyway, except that if he gets so many late days he gets Saturday detention. Okay, so he didn't wake up in time (and neither did I). So what does my kid who's working hard to maintain a C average in some classes get? Suspended. Yep, that's right, he has to miss classes and stay home (which won't help him learn to be on time at all)to punish him for being late for school. This is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard.

I've always thought that suspending a kid for stuff like this is ludicrous. I could see it if he oh, took drugs or brought a weaponor was a bully or something. But here's a kid who doesn't do any of that, has an I.E. P. because he has ADD and has to work to pass some classes harder than most (well, he's getting an A in his computer classes, but then he's a bloody prodigy in those).

Grr. I'm pissed off at the Public School System. My other kids don't go to public school. I should have made him go private too.

It just doesn't make any sense.

In other news, I saw COS last night. I'll probably kinda review later, when I'm not mad. I'm now officially madly in love with Snape, however. The thing could have been the SnapeHarryDraco show and I would have been happy. They could sing show tunes (kick them heels, guys!)

In still other news:

Who's your inner gay man?

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*dreamy sigh*. I have such a mad crush on Rufus. And I didn't even cheat. Whee!


Nec timeo Nec Sperno
muffytaj at 2002-11-22 09:16 (UTC) ()
*chokes* They suspended him for being late? They've got in in for ADD kids, I swear to God! All my brothers have ADD, the youngest one has it really bad. And the public school system hates him too. It makes *no* sense. I mean, where do they think they're getting off? *splutters in rage* I hate it, this INJUSTICE. And even if you send your kid to a public school, they're all stuck up snobs who alienate kids. Hell, I haven't got ADD, and private school fucks me up.

He works hard? But to them it makes no difference, it never does. They just use his ADD as an excuse to get rid of him, claim he's troublesome...just you wait. DISCRIMINATION! Charge up there and DEMAND! Kick them seven ways to sunday! Or, worst of all, let me at them...

Sorry, this stuff just REALLY gets to me. Not that you could tell...
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