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Posted on 2004.05.07 at 12:37
How I feel about it all: exhaustedexhausted
Soundtrack: My brain screaming, "SLEEEEP!!!"
Blog Haiku Day! Whee!

I saw Spidey 2
yesterday in Providence
When I should have slept.

Then I worked all night
It was cold and rainy when
I got to the station

Although it was cold
I found an empty bench and
fell asleep on it.

I've been gone three days
because the bloody schedule
is a big fat arse.

I am so tired
I fell asleep on the bus
When I rode it home.

I'm off to bed now
and in a couple of hours
I should feel better.


peacey at 2004-07-05 16:02 (UTC) ()

Tobey Maguire....*crushes*....those eyes, those *eyes*
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