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DT: come reap


Posted on 2004.06.07 at 09:38
How I feel about it all: happyJake
Jake the Boy
You are Jake! Even in the weirdest situations you
don't panic, and instead, go with the flow.
Your innocent nature may be the reason for your
amiable ways, or maybe it is because you really
don't feel like you have a home anywhere. At
heart you are like a kid, and view life as an
adventure. Sometimes you can be too trusting,
but you are good at making friends.

The Dark Tower Character Test
brought to you by Quizilla


the day you left was just my beginning
patchfire at 2004-07-06 06:47 (UTC) ()
That is uncannily accurate, dear.
peacey at 2004-07-07 05:30 (UTC) ()
That sounds pretty dead-on, dahlink. Here's me. I don't know these characters as I haven't read the books, but...

Alain the Seer
You are Alain! Quiet and introverted, you prefer
thinking to talking. Even though you aren't
that social, you have a kind heart, and will
help those in need. You often see things from a
unique perspective, but people seem to ignore
your feelings. Learn to speak up, and show that
you take pride in what you do!

The Dark Tower Character Test
brought to you by Quizilla
peacey at 2004-07-07 05:32 (UTC) ()
Question: the guy in the pic above...is that Elijah Wood as God??
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