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Fangirly post

No, I wasn't looking for it, but I've found the perfect song for aj_crawley and a_fell.

Save me
Save me from you
But pave me
The way to you
Lead me upon the captive free
Gracious and tame like love can be
Lead me upon

Spoil me
Spoil me with you
And soil me with the world of you
Watch over me with a mother's eyes
Judging my worth only to glorify
Watch over me
Save me...

Carry me through
And bury all my doubts of you
Clothe my desire with spell or prayer
I'll shroud every sign of need I swear
Clothe my desire

Save me....

Anyone who wants the MP3, IM me, primroseburrows on AIM, or email me at

Oh, and I'm pretty settled on a character (and maybe another one). I'm just waiting for research materials to come in the mail. *g*
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