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DT: come reap


Posted on 2004.31.08 at 10:14
How I feel about it all: excitedexcited
Soundtrack: None. My bloody PC suddenly thinks it lacks a sound card
Hey, you guys!

Is there any of you who know of someone who was going to Noreascon but for some reason had to drop out? Someone who has a ticket, that is.

I'm going to be paying full-price anyway, but if there's someone who bought their ticket for the earlier, cheaper price, I'd love to buy them out. Anyone?

I'll most likely only be able to attend Thurs-Sat, but I'm trying to get Saturday night off so I can stay until Sunday.

How could I NOT go to this? Par-tay and PTerry too!

*runs off to buy a non-worn copy of Good Omens for autograph purposes*

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