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Things I did today

1. Had a four-dollar cup of coffee (I kid you not! O'course, I didn't know that until I finished drinking it).

2.Went to a couple of panels, one about how the future will look back at the 20th century, one about what would happen if JFK had not been asassinated (v. cool, btw).

3. Went to the Locus awards panel. Remember how I mentioned that Terry Pratchett would be speaking/signing books/yadda here, and that's one reason I decided to go, last minute? Well. He recieved a couple of awards from Locus. And, I got to sit two rows behind him and Neil Gaiman. *drops half-dead from intense fangirling* I had NO idea he was going to be here. Now I can get my copy of GO signed by BOTH of them.

4. Bought a A Disturbance of Fate by Mitchell Freedman, which is about what might have happened if RFK hadn't been asassinated (the author had been at the earlier panel and it looked v. cool...and it's something I've always
speculated about.


5. Read the first four chapters of Dark Tower VII. No, moonlight_69, that isn't a typo. *is completely spent*

And Oh! I have the entire weekend off, so I can stay for the whole thing if I want to (read: if I don't run out of money and my kids don't kill me)
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