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Last day here, wah! Back on the T and RL at three.

Yesterday was soso good, ate great Indian food cheap (we met a guy in one of the autograph lines who lives in the area and we all noshed on an Indian buffet), and saw the Masquerade contest, which was full of v. cool costumes that made me want to learn to sew clothes.

Also, now have signed copy of Good Omens. It's probably not worth much, because it's my much-abused copy that's been thrown around buses and cars and my living room and such, but I wasn't planning on selling it anyway.

Oh, and I figured out why I must start reading Terry Pratchett. He made up Maturin! *smacks self for own ignorance* He's also v. funny and British and things.

Anyway, I'll be home with all my goodies tonight, whee! patchfire, I'll probably talk to you later. :D

*sigh* And the Red Sox are on a hot streak. Alles Gut. When I get back I'm going to trash most of my icons and make new ones. Most, mind you. My default stays for ever *schnoogles dmbgrl1026 muchly*
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