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I know you're out there with rage in your eyes and your megaphones...

Neverwhere: The Drinking Game

Source link is here.

The Rules:
1.) Skaal whenever you see Neil Gaiman (Not including the interview and do not count him as a Goth).

2.) Sip whenever you see a Goth or Goth-like person for the first time.

3.) Sip whenever you hear a Historical or Literary reference for the first time.

4.) Sip whenever you see dodgy special effects.

5.) Sip whenever somebody uses supernatural power (including spells).

6.) Sip whenever someone dies or disappears.

7.) Sip whenever Mr Vandemar or Mr Croup eat something.

8.) Sip whenever you see the Dream Sequence including the Beast of London.

9.) Sip whenever the Marquis de Carrabas says something very arrogant.

10.) Sip whenever the Marquis de Carrabas strikes a deal.

11.) Skaal whenever Richard Mayhew is kissed.

12.) Sip whenever Mr Croup uses words longer than two syllables in a sentence (not including names) or uses overly complex sentences.

13.) Sip whenever Mr Vandemar howls.

14.) Sip whenever you hear a London Below reference or name which is an open/closed London Underground Station or London Locality (Specifically Knightsbridge, Black Friars, Earls Court, Down Street, Old Bailey, Hammersmith and Islington)

15.) Gulp whenever you see a Fiefdom ruler for the first time (basically Lord Portico (Door’s father), Serpentine, The Earl, the Lord Ratspeaker and Islington).

16.) Sip whenever you see a train pass or first see a scene set on a train.

17.) Sip whenever you see Mr Vandemar hurt someone.

18.) Sip whenever you hear someone say “The Hunter?” or “The Warrior”.

19.) Sip whenever you see someone wearing clothing you’d like to have.

20.) Sip whenever a representation of an angel appears in a locality (but only once per locality ie once in each room of the Museum featuring an angel)

*NOTE: The word "Skaal" in this document means "drink the entire contents of your glass...."
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