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Asleep at night I hear your cry...the darkened echoes in the hallways of the damned

Wow, actual RL post!

Whee, I am now more gainfully employed than ever. 64 hours over two weeks, which means I get every Monday and Thursday off, and every other weekend. So, every other weekend, I get a three-day weekend, yay! It's more hours than I'm working now, which is good, although it'll cut into some other things a bit. But, I'll have time during the day to write and maybe take a class or join a writing group or somesuch. And I'll be insured, d00d! All this in a month or so. :D

Oh, and speaking of work, I just, just found out that I work next door to Swan Point Cemetery, where H.P. Lovecraft is buried. Definitely must stop by and see the gravesite, because that's the kind of macabre thing I'm turning into. Grr. Argh. *g*
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