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..and I said, "How 'bout a revolution?" and he said, "right!"

Is there any song you like but you've never heard/don't know/don't like any other song by that person or band My example: Crazy Game of Poker by O.A.R. Great, very entertaining song, but I've never felt any real need to hear anything else they've done (I'm sure it's good, just never had the desire to hear it).

What about books? Any book you've ever read (and loved) where you've never read another book by the same author? My example: Mark Helperin's Winter's Tale. I'm pretty sure it's his only fantasy novel, and that's why I've never really wanted to read anything else he's written. This is odd for me, 'cause when I discover an author I tend to devour everything he/she has written.

So, entertain me, 'cause I'm bored. :D

The good thing is I got me some Lovecraft in the mail. Reading for later, whee!
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