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hello cthulhu

I feel just like a candle in a way

Posted on 2004.18.09 at 00:08
How I feel about it all: amusedamused
Soundtrack: Jackson Brown - Song for Adam
Does anyone see the incredible irony of the fact that I was reading Lovecraft in the cafeteria at Butler Psychiatric hospital while eating calamari? Calamari, d00ds. I'm endlessly amused.

P.S. Lovecraft is scary as hell. I can definitely see the influence he's had on Stephen King. Better not read anymore before bed. I seriously think I could have nightmares from this stuff.


Marie Antoinette's pastry slave
mark356 at 2004-09-19 15:17 (UTC) ()
Lovecraft is one of the few authors I just can't read at night; he's amazing. Eating calamari while reading his is strangely appropriate in a bizarre way.
try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
primroseburrows at 2004-09-20 17:38 (UTC) ()
Yeah. *g* Especially when Butler Hospital is right next door to Swan Point Cemetery where Lovecraft is buried.

I have a strange desire to sit by his grave and read aloud to The Call of Cthulhu to any passersby.

I am an odd person. Phear me. *g*

Lovecraft is incredible in his descriptions. Dagon just blew me away with its poetic picturesque descriptions. I could actually see the bleak, eerie ruined ocean floor.
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