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if it snows that stretch down south won't ever stand the strain

I have to go up to Providence today (not to work, thank the gods), so I think I'll finally t00b over and see Lovecraft's grave. And maybe take a picture of the house he was born in. If I can figure out how to scan pictures to this bloody st00pid not-working-right computer, I will. Wah. I need a digital camera. Again.

*sigh* Maybe by the time I get back my Amazon package will have gotten its arse out of the Cranston post office (where Amazon's tracker-thing says it is) and actually show up at my house.

And grr, I'll bet that my copy of DT7 that I ordered from Michael Whelan's site is being shipped today instead of being delivered today. Which means that I may have to spend some serious time at Barnes and Noble later on. Ahh, days off.

Thursday night I'll be at songdog and zeus55's house, 'cause whee! mr_t00by is coming home this weekend and I have to go get him. Their house is halfway there, kindasorta.
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