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Angels and mortals drive around in cars

Swan Point cemetery is huge. Thus I couldn't find Lovecraft's grave without a map, and I couldn't find anyone around to get one.

The cemetery's gorgeous, though, all lawn and stone, with its family plots with the old RI names on them: Kent, Kenyon, Waterman, Potter, Hazard, Gilbane, all of those...and angels, angels everywhere. (spinning in infinity, as it were) I will post them as soon as I can figure out how. Technologically impaired, that's me.

One of my books and my two CDs came! Not DT7, though, bleh. Good thing I'd actually started reading the thing at Worldcon. *sigh* Lorraine Garland of Flash Girls fame plays the fiddle like a dream. *melts in Celtic bliss* You'd think she was from Dublin and not Minnesota.

Tomorrow I might just go back up to Swan Point, armed with an actual location of H.P's grave. And write, perhaps!

And bleh, I couldn't find 454 Angell Street, either. Where 454 Angell Street should have been lurks a Starbuck's. If they've torn down H.P. Lovecraft's house to put up a cursed symbol of abject capitalism Starbucks, I'll scream.

Also, who linked daily_snitch to my LJ? Because, cool! *G*
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