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they come, they come to build a wall between us; we know they won't win

D00ds. I went to the Y twice today!

First I went to this low-impact aerobics class where I was decidedly the youngest member. Still, it was a nice beginning workout, and I think I shall go back on Thursday. Then I tried to go to this weight-training class but was late, so I went and sat on the reclining bike or whatever you call it, and pedaled for twenty minutes. Yay!

Have eaten not quite half a bagel with chive cream cheese (and not too much, at that), a container of lowfat yogurt (130 calories) and a big salad with tuna and crab and just a touch of feta topped with fat-free peppercorn ranch dressing. Tomorrow, back to the Y for at least some yoga, if not more. I am on my way to becoming buff and svelte. Phear me. I really need to work on teh upper arms, 'cause they look and feel like I was about eighty. And yoga, whee! I love yoga.

Oh, and I have a Request for you guys. Does anyone have a screencap of the Angel Islington from the BBC production of Neverwhere? I've googled and dogpiled and all I found was one really bad, bad picture with bad, bad lighting. I'm trying to make more nontraditional angel icons, and Islington? Is the epitome of nontraditional. Plus he's so creepy!pretty.

Just one more thing:

...and so it begins.
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