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I say Jerry and Pat? Shut the hell up!

heinous_bitca has made my day.

She sent me this, which is certainly one for the memory books:

Snape as Nyarlathotep, Squid/Cthulhu and other (mountains of) madness.

In other news, I did yoga for an hour and medium-impact aerobics for 45 minutes. For breakfast I had yummy Strawberry Fields cereal with skim organic milk. Mmmm. For lunch I went to Crazy Burger with dmbgrl1026 and had a cup of vegan sweet-potato corn chowder, and an Ima B. Vegan sandwich on a pita. I'm not sure what's in it, but the blurb in the menu said "fat-free and delicious", and it was.

In other other news, I think I lost my picture card from my digital camera. I probably left it in the machine at Brooks and someone walked off with it. :/ Now I have to wait until I get my paycheck to get another one. 'Course, I'll get it tomorrow, but the pictures I had on the thing are lost. Bleh. Good thing I'd already uploaded the Swan Point ones.
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