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DT: come reap

we were standing in a thundercloud, dark as your hair...

Posted on 2004.08.10 at 11:03
How I feel about it all: geekygeeky
Soundtrack: Annie Lennox - Stay By Me
GIP!!! Made my day, did this picture. Mayhap my month.

Comes from this article, the subject of which also makes me v. v. happy.

How cool is a book about Red Sox Nation written by two guys that write scary books?

I am a very happy geek!girl.

ETA: Of course, now I just have to read Stewart O'Nan's A Prayer for the Dying.

Geh. Just what I need. Yet another author to obsess over read. Don't I have enough already??


robinhoo at 2004-10-08 15:07 (UTC) ()
Re: your edit -- I had exactly that same thought. "Oh, great, another book I simply MUST read, like yesterday, and I'll be able to do that, um, when?" *adds to list*

Also, how lovely is it that the divine Mr. King is quoting LotR loudly at Fenway Park? Jeezly, I love him.
try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
primroseburrows at 2004-10-08 15:13 (UTC) ()
I have such a platonic fangirl crush on sai King.

And. Doesn't he look healthy? He looks better in this shot than I've seen him in any other since his accident. This alone makes me unendingly happy. :D
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