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tune in...wouldn't it be something...rumours spreading into panic

Another example of the Patriot Act in all its paranoiac glory.

Nobody threatened the President here, nobody did anything more horrible than check out library books. In the library. The last time I was at my library, every book on the shelf was there to be checked out, and, gee, I assumed that I wouldn't have my home and personal belongings raided if I checked one out. There is NO excuse for this.

It seems to me that a free US citizen should be able to take out anything from their library, from the Bible to The Anarchist Cookbook. If it's at the library, it's there to be read (don't even get me started on banned books--I'd be here all day and I have to get to work).

The scary thing is, the Feds didn't simply pick this woman's name out of thin air. SOMEONE HAD TO REPORT HER.

Big Brother isn't some nebulous bunch of FBI guys. Big Brother is us.

Still not gonna lock my LJ, but I'm wondering if anyone might eventually trace how many sites I had to go to so I could link to The Anarchist Cookbook (The contents of which I do NOT endorse, btw, and neither does the author, anymore).
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