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centuries, secret societies; he is our commander still--Space Dog


Probably some people think I don't love my country. I do. That's why I'm furious that it's in the wrong hands and my vote (hopefully) will help change that. I love living in a country where there exists something like the First Amendment. Again, my vote (hopefully) will help keep the Constitution secure, because recently I've been a little nervous for the dear old document. Oh, and please. If you're going to tell me that the US's unprovoked invasion of Iraq helped preserve my freedoms, please don't. All it's doing is killing a lot of people--some 900 US troops and tenfold more Iraqis. And Osama bin Laden is still at large.

Don't let anyone tell you that because you disagree with TPTB that makes you Anti-American. Kind of McCarthyist, dontcha think?

A million thank yous to all the wonderful British/German/Swedish/Aussie/Irish, etc. people who've sent best wishes and encouraged us to vote. I think this election will effect all of us in one way or another. You guys are great. *hugs you all*

And...even if (whenwhenpleaseletitbewhen) Kerry wins, we can't stop watching and working for change. Our troops will still be in Iraq. Same-gender couples will still be denied their civil rights in most of the country. Poor people still won't be getting the medical attention they need just because they're poor. The beat goes on.
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