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No school Fostah-Glostah

During all the election hoo-hah, a sad event happened that slipped through the cracks everywhere but here in little Rhode Island.

RIP Salty Brine.

Only a tiny handful of you will understand why this is so very sad. If I didn't have to work at three today on so little sleep, I'd go to the funeral. This man was Rhode Island, and I've never heard anyone speak a word against him. He was kind, generous, funny, and a real gentleman. Everyone who knew him says that the world is a better place because he walked on it.

Farewell, old friend. We promise to brush our teeth and say our prayers.

Darn. I didn't want to get all teary. It's either because I'm tired or maybe I'm finally turning into a Rhode Islander after a mere 26 years of living here. That's not much, according to Rhode Islanders.

Now I'm going to bed. I have to be at work at three.
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