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oh little angel, shining light, you've set my soul to dreaming...

Poll #402785 Christmas card Address List

If you want a holiday card from me, put your addy here, even if you think I have it. Nobody but me can see your address, and I'm not a stalker, I promise!

Oh, and I had like six Christmas songs on yousendit to um. Send. But then LJ, in all its idiotic glory, decided to cut out on me. So I'll send 'em all tomorrow.

The only one I'm still going to send tonight is this one:

John Denver - A Baby Just Like You.

Lyrics are

The season is upon us now
The time for gifts and giving
As the year draws to its close
I think about my living

The Christmastime when I was young,
The magic and the wonder,
But colors dull and candles dim,
And dark my standing under

Oh, little angel, shining light
You've set my soul to dreaming.
You've given back my joy in life
And filled me with new meaning.

A Savior King was born that day,
A baby just like you,
And as the Wise Men came with gifts,
I come with my gift, too;

That peace on Earth fills up your time,
That brotherhood surrounds you.
That you may know the warmth of love,
And wrap it all around you

It's just a wish, a dream I'm told
From days when I was young
Merry Christmas, little Zachary
Merry Christmas, everyone
Merry Christmas, little Zachary
Merry Christmas, everyone

It's for willysunny.

I'm not even sure if you celebrate Christmas, dear. But. The sentiment still stands. Just change the name to 'Ethan'. *g* I know he's your hero. I think he's mine, too. *G*

Our kids are the first and foremost, always (even when they're big like mr_t00by and his big siblings).

Happy Christmas, Happy Hannukah, happy Yule, happy everything, honey. It's all gonna be all right. *hugs* Call me. If you don't have my cell number anymore, email me,
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