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DT: come reap

...and there's a blue like where the urban angels go, very bright

Posted on 2004.14.12 at 10:06
How I feel about it all: boredeh. going to work
Soundtrack: Dar Williams - Mark Rothko Song
In which Primrose dies and goes to literary heaven.

Neil Gaiman reviews Stephen King. Too much input, cannot cope.

This review is three years old. How come I've never read it? *shrugs*

I have to read Black House again. It's a great story, but the first-person tense is a bit off-putting. The Talisman, now. There's a story.


Susan the Neon Nurse
neonnurse at 2004-12-14 18:28 (UTC) ()
Thanks for the link. Somehow I never got around to reading Black House, despite being kind of a King completeist... I wonder if I have a copy around here somewhere? (Yeah, like knowing that would help even a teeny bit.)

Well, I have three or four boxes of books for the library sale; maybe I will check this out while I am there and give myself the time to read it for Christmas!
doctor watson is my copilot
kaalee at 2004-12-14 20:55 (UTC) ()
I have nothing to add about the Neil Gaiman - Stephen King, thing, but I wanted to comment on your music selection.

I absolutely love that song. I think it's one of her best. <333
try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
primroseburrows at 2004-12-15 04:13 (UTC) ()
I love that entire album soverymuch.
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