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Character Meme

Doesn't say, but I'm presuming any character from anything. In no particular order:


1. A character you really, really love:

Draco Malfoy. Anthony J. Crowley. Aziraphale. Harry Potter. Jake Chambers. Eddie Dean. Roland Deschain. Jack Sawyer. Stu Redman. Oy. Delenn. Alex Krycek. Severus Snape. Remus Lupin. Myrddin Emrys.

2. A character you like:

Mr. Wednesday. Peter Lake. Susannah Dean. Lyra Silvertongue. Fox Mulder. Dream (I think I'll eventually completely adore him, but I haven't read far enough yet). Mr. Nancy. Richard Mayhew. Artemis Fowl. Sirius Black.

3. A character you could give or take:

Neville Longbottom. Luna Lovegood. Walter Skinner.

4. A character you don't really care for:

Dumbledore (yes, patchfire has corrupted me, although I don't hate him like she does). Draco Lite Zacharias Smith.

5. A character you'd like to spork (Am assuming sporking means cutting
out their heart (and other varied organs) with a dull plastic spork.)

Lucius Malfoy (sporksporkSPORK!). Ginny Weasley. Rita Skeeter. Marietta Edgecombe. Dudley Dursley.

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