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Posted on 2004.28.12 at 18:47
How I feel about it all: blahblah
Soundtrack: work
My computer has finally shat the bed. So, my internet access will be limited. Plus, I'm on the last legs of moving. I'm going to try to get a cord for my laptop, and get mr_t00by to put together a computer that will last until I can afford to get a new one.

Sooo...I'll probably be around for a little while tonight on mr_t00by's computer, and then catch as catch can.

patchfire, if you don't catch me tonight, call me and I'll give you my new address.

Oh, and whee! for the next two days off. I might even be able to finish moving on time.


the day you left was just my beginning
patchfire at 2004-12-29 18:26 (UTC) ()
I have it... somewhere. Er. At home. On your Christmas card that you sent us, you used it as the return address. :)

Damn computers.
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