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...the hair is from a little boy, and the cross is someone she has not met, not yet

Wheee! Thanks to Oldest Daughter Mary's laptop (that is now mine), I have internet access again until I can afford the Mac. Dialup, but it's access nonetheless.

Cable person comes tomorrow, to bestow high-speed internet for a notsomodest fee. I must find time to go and get a mouse (and a USB2 card; this is a slightly elderly laptop, 'tho not as elderly as my former POS computer). I will be able to do cool things once again (like read willysunny's lovely new fic. I haven't forgotten you, darling. Just been electronically deprived).

My problem now is I have very little music. I hope I'll be able to eventually cover my something like 1500 mp3s from my old HD, but I'm not holding my breath until someone can help me do this. Right now I have a CD I made at Mary's house on repeat loop (good stuffs on this thing).

Soo...all you people who use yousendit. Send me things! Stuff you know I like, stuff you THINK I'll like, stuff you like, anything! When I have my cable modem (hopefully tomorrow), I shall download like it was teh end of the world (as we know it).

I want to write a Hermione fic inspired by my Current Music. Whaddya think? Like I don't have seven thousand other things to finish.
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