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I know, everybody knows, the way it comes and the way it goes

Interesting survey. I really had to think about this one. I have odd views, but love me anyway?

What is your stand on.....

Created by spyndakitrose and taken 17837 times on bzoink!

Abortion?Both sides need to stop bickering and start helping women get contraception AND child care. And CHOICE means the choice to give birth, too.
Death Penalty?No. It's not a deterrent, and it makes us as bad as the murderers
Prostitution?Should be legal with health care benefits and unions.
Alcohol?Making it illegal doesn't work. Prohibition, anyone?
Marijuana?Should be at LEAST decriminalised
Other drugs?Broad subject. WHICH other drugs? There's a difference between heroin and 'shrooms.
Gay marriage?Of course! People who want to marry should be able to marry. Just like *gasp* everyone else!
Illegal immigrants?I still believe in 'give me your tired, your poor'. People come here because they don't want to die of hunger/war/disease at home. *opens arms*
Smoking?No thanks
Drunk driving?I'll pass on that one, too.
Cloning?For some reason this idea doesn't freak me out. I dunno why.
Racism?Um, no thanks?
Premarital sex?Well, yes, because getting married to have sex is stupid, and that's what would happen if there was only marital sex.
Religion?Unitarian Universalist, me.
The war in Iraq?Dubya's Revenge? No thanks.
Bush?*buries head in hands* Wake me up when it's over
Downloading music?Yes, for the most part.
The legal drinking age?I think we should raise the legal DRIVING age.
Porn?Again with the unions and the health care. Make it safe.
Suicide?Gray area. Big difference between assisted suicide for the ill and just jumping off a bridge.

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