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this morning, I shot six holes in my freezer

Posted on 2005.21.01 at 13:15


february_sea at 2005-01-21 19:40 (UTC) ()
that's what all us Rhode Island folk do

*mildly startled* It IS? Erm. Okay.

*obediently goes off to buy milk and bread*

Can I pick up some scotch, too?
Non-Recovering WoW Addict
heinous_bitca at 2005-01-21 20:30 (UTC) ()
It's going to SNOOOOW tomorrow! Of COURSE you need to get bread and milk!

You've not lived here long, have you? ;)
february_sea at 2005-01-21 20:45 (UTC) ()
Here, as in where I am now? *grin* RI? Nope. Just since July. TRUST me, I'm still reeling from the Independence Day "EVENT".

The snow? Meh. No big deal. I've lived in NE most of my life (hello, blizzard of '78, looooved driving in that) so I'm okay on that score. :D I just didn't realize that running out to purchase bread and milk was a state requirement. :P
crikkita at 2005-01-21 21:24 (UTC) ()
Oh, good, I'm glad I'm not the only one who didn't know that! Then again, I've only lived here one year. Er, 11 months and 2 days, actually.

But I don't wanna buy milk and bread! I just bought milk two days ago and I'm wheat-sensitive and GF bread is so danged expensive! Can I just curl up with my cat and a cup of tea and a laptop full of fic, instead? Please please?
february_sea at 2005-01-21 21:37 (UTC) ()
*grin* I like your style, sweetheart. I'd like to curl up with my laptop and write some smut! Hee! Spouse just went to buy wine. So at least we're buying something before it snows. :D
crikkita at 2005-01-21 21:44 (UTC) ()
Wine and smut - sounds like my kind of snowstorm! *toasts you*

And of course I am always in favour of you writing! My beta (and once and future flatmate), copper_beech found some stories of yours and got me hooked. And we had no idea (until primroseburrows told us at a meetup) that you lived in RI! Such a cool state we have here, eh? *g* (And no, no pun intended! Eurgh.)
february_sea at 2005-01-21 21:49 (UTC) ()
*pours wine*

And thank you SO much for the kind words. *blush* I just moved here (July) and I can be a bit slow on the uptake sometimes. :D I just found out today about the nehp community, so I just joined it...I'd adore the chance to come to one of the 'meetups'!

As for the cool state--we are loving it. We've lived in NE most of our lives and we are very happy to have finally settled 'permanently' (we bought a house!)
crikkita at 2005-01-21 21:53 (UTC) ()
Yay! Congrats on the house! I hope to buy one of my own ... eventually .....

Yes, we should have another meetup, shouldn't we? Haven't seen any traffic on nehp lately, but I assume people read it when someone does post.

Psst - okay if I friend you? :-)
february_sea at 2005-01-21 22:47 (UTC) ()
I'll be reading posts, too...*g* probably making them some time, I'd guess...so yes, a meeting would be grand. And of course I don't mind if you friend me. I nearly never bite. :D
crikkita at 2005-01-22 02:16 (UTC) ()
Yay! *friends*

I nearly never bite. :D - Aww... but what if I ask nicely? *bats eyelashes*
try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
primroseburrows at 2005-01-22 05:25 (UTC) ()
patchfire will be here on 2 Feb. We need a meetup sometime while she's here. Hmm?
try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
primroseburrows at 2005-01-22 05:23 (UTC) ()
I'll bring the champagne. Blizzard Party at Olivia's! And then, because we've run out of food (because all we have is bread and milk), we'll make cheese from the bread and have toasted cheese sandwiches (untoasted if the powah goes out).
february_sea at 2005-01-22 12:05 (UTC) ()
*grin* Hey. I've got a gas stove. We can grill those sammiches, no problem. :D And champagne? You're my new hero. *loves*

So...I was up early (5:30-ish) and nothing, yet...I don't think it's going to start until this afternoon. *grin* I am actually off to the market in a few minutes to pick up a few things. (Including milk. I already have bread. :D)
try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
primroseburrows at 2005-01-22 23:06 (UTC) ()
Picking up milk or bread because you need milk or bread makes sense. Picking up milk and bread because it's What to Do when it's going to snow makes no sense. It's the grocery equivalent of lemmings.
february_sea at 2005-01-22 23:18 (UTC) ()
*huge grin*

I was in the market this morning (which was an experience to say the VERY least) and I saw a man standing in the produce department looking quite bemused at the chaos around him. Then I heard him say quite distinctly, "Must be a bread and milk day."

I nearly died. I thought of you IMMEDIATELY. :D:D
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