January 16th, 2005

DT: come reap

When I get back I will dream in Barnes and Nobles'

I guess everyone else has linked to this, but for those of you who've missed it, go there now. And then pick up the first book in the series and start reading. The books grow in complexity as Harry grows, but even the first one is rich with metaphor, myth, and wonder. And understated cruelty; Harry is and was an emotionally abused, emotionally neglected child.

No, songdog, this isn't about slash, I promise. It's about what a very, very good story this is. Even if you don't read the books, read the post.

Seriously, if you don't read Harry Potter because you think it's a kids' book or you don't read fantasy or fiction or a thousand other reasons, you're missing out. Everyone should meet Harry. Yes, it's a gross generalisation. Pfft.

Okay, off I go for lunch with my lovely daughter Mary.
That's her in the icon, too. *g* Is she not completely lovely? Her cousin, the equally beautiful kissed_a_drunk (who's a talented aspiring photographer) took the pictures. I am in awe, and wonder how I ended up with such a beautiful kid. All my kids are lovely, actually. Yes, mr_t00by, even you. *loves*
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DT: come reap

all I can do is read a book to stay awake, and it rips my life away but it's a great escape

Liar's meme, gacked from corridorgeist:

Make a list of (11) statements about yourself:
* 4 of the (11) statements must be lies.
* Post your list and have people guess which four are lies!

1. I was in a back brace for almost three years as a teenager because I had scoliosis. For some reason, I still was scheduled for gym classes and when I refused to attend, I got a D for all three years, which barely let me pass to the next grade. I complained, and was told that the school would "look into it". They never did, which I think is why I didn't get into the colleges I would have chosen.

2. I hate bananas, but love the flavour. Give me banana cookies, banana bread, even bananas frozen dipped in chocolate or cooked, and I'll gobble them up. The raw, room-temperature fruit in the peel makes me gag.

3. I once ran over my own cat. He was deaf and we didn't realise it, and he'd been sleeping directly behind one of my rear tires. I was devastated. I went fishing that night to try to calm down. Maybe I wanted to do something cat-like.

4. I did not vote for Jimmy Carter in the 1980 election. I voted for John Anderson because I was talked into it, and I've regretted it ever since.

5. I can never become a US President (unless Ahhnold succeds in getting the law changed) because I was born in British Columbia, even though I was only there for three months (my Dad was in the US Navy) and I don't remember anything about it. Maybe this is the reason for my Canadaphileness.

6. I only attended six months of kindergarten; it wasn't mandatory then, and my mother couldn't afford it.

7. I lived on small island with a population of 800 year-round residents for sixteen years.

8. I once had dinner with Stephen Furst. We e-mailed for a time afterwards. Nice, nice man. If he hadn't lived in California and me in RI, I'd have stalked him further thought seriously about asking him out again. *G*

9. I once stayed up all night reading Harlequin Romances, from a paper shopping bag my mother stored them in. This is one of my most embarrassing admissions.

10. I sleepwalked as a child. When I was four or five, my mother found me pulling at the neighbours' front doorknob (they weren't home) after she'd checked on me and found me gone. The next day there were latches high enoughthat I couldn't reach on all the doors.

11. I am completely addicted to Swedish Fish. I have to have a bag next to me at all times or I get anxious.
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I began to lose control; I began to lose control

I've done some editing of my friends list. It was rather random, and I might have accidentally unfriended someone I shouldn't have. Mostly I defriended journals that don't post often. I hate these posts, and when people say "no offence", but I really mean it. If you want to be refriended, please, please tell me and I will re-add you.

I'm basically doing this because I'm afraid I will run out of room for adding people. LJ-folk, if you make friending unlimited, I'd love it, love it. For the most part, I read my entire friends list, even if it takes awhile.

I have been reading all your posts--I rarely filter, so, if you want to be added back, please, please let me know. *wrings hands*
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DT: come reap

the dreams in which I'm dying are the best I've ever had.

This is my new best favourite song. It's not REM, but it sounds like it should be. And the lyrics, oh, my. They cut me open.

And no, I haven't seen Donnie Darko. It's on my list, near the top. I've also not heard the Tears for Fears version. I should.

Oh, and could somone send me the link to the HP video that used this song? Because it was gods, the best video I've ever seen, ever. It's around, I've seen it.
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