October 8th, 2006

DT: come reap

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Does anyone have an mp3 of "For You" by Tara MacLean? *bats eyelashes prettily* I bought it from iTunes, but I'd like to have a shareable file, as well.

I heard it today and fell completely in love with it. Yes, I'm a sucker for sappy angsty love songs.
SA: gtpoint

I'll play Hamlet in dublet and hose, or either of the Dromeos, but sorry, I won't play Mackers

Woah, an actual television meme:

1) What TV show(s) do you find yourself watching the most?

Right now? Slings & Arrows with a (non-LJ)friend, because pimping S&A is my sacred duty in the universe, you see.

Also I've started watching Six Feet Under with the aforementioned friend *g*

Also #2, I have the first ep of Brotherhood and the first season of BSG all ready to go.

2) What, if any, TV shows do you own on DVD?

-Slings & Arrows (S1, have S2 preordered, waiting not-so-patiently for S3. NOT my favourite show ever, or anything. *g*)

-Queer as Folk (S1-4)

-Babylon 5 (S2-4)

-dueSouth (S1)

3) Can you name your favorite TV show theme song (I would encourage you to make a phone post and sing it to us)?

Any of the three S&A themes, although I like the first best because it's the first one I heard, and the last because ohhhh, S3! That's not to say I don't like the S2 theme, and wah, it's all so COMPLEX! And no, I won't sing it. Frank and Cyril do a fine job, I'm not gonna try and compete. *g*

Well, gee, that was easy.
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