October 16th, 2006

DT: come reap

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I'm still at work. I took a voluntary freeze-in because it's double time and I get paid for two shifts to work one, which consists of paperwork, the occasional med, an hour of safety checks, and sitting here playing with the PC. I figure that most nights I go to bed at oh-dark-thirty anyway, and if I can stay up until 3 a.m. for free I can stay up until 7:30 for double the money I usually get for doing much more work.

So. Entertain me? Write me a drabble, tell me a joke, tell me a story or a poem. Tell me your favourite song or show or play or movie or book, and why. Ask me a question. Send me a screenshot of your desktop or a picture of something or someone: your dog or the last movie you saw or your cousing Bob from Peoria. Anything or anyone. I need help staying awake boredom-free, y'all.

In return, I'll do this meme (gacked from my lovely wife patchfire), which may or may not make your week. Probably the second thing.

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It was at work, just where I left it.

Goin' to sleep, now, because I can't even type I'm so tired. Expect a post later about the yummy omelet I had for breakfast.

Yeah. I know. You can't wait.
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