October 19th, 2006

DT: come reap

A 6-degrees insta rec!

isiscolo gives good fic. Any of you that have read her work know it. You've probably read this one, too, but I'm gonna rec it anyway, in case you haven't. It's my second time reading, and I love it even more this time.

It's a dueSouth/Wilby Wonderful crossover (a world of yay!). Rated PG, so it's safe for pretty much anyone over twelve (in fact, every twelve-year-old on the planet should see dS AND WW). Best of all, it's Frannie-fic, which is a sub-genre whose numbers should increase. I love Frannie, and I agree with the fic's premise: Frannie's fate wasn't to raise six children alone; it's not what she would have wanted. (I am completely for SAHMs, btw, but it wasn't Frannie's calling, not at the End of Things).

You don't have to know anything about Wilby Wonderful at all (except that if you haven't seen it, you should, on a day when you need some serious cheering up)except for the fact that Buddy French looks amazingly like Benton Fraser (they even have the same initials, wtf?) and Duck MacDonald is what Ray Kowalski will look like in ten years.

Basic knowledge of at least the premise of dueSouth is helpful, but I guess the biggest thing to know is that Frannie's been carrying a torch the size of the CN Tower since the day her brother dragged Fraser home for dinner. And she deserves so, so much better than that.

God, I'm wordy. Just go read it, 'kay? I'll be cleaning my kitchen. No, really. Oh, and read the story notes at the end. They link to her LJ, so you can tell her how much you love the story. :)

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If you can see where you're going, you might just get there

Also GIP!. Frannie in pink by buzzylittleb. I've been wanting a Frannie icon, and this one's gorgeous. Better than anything I could ever do. :)