October 27th, 2006

DT: come reap

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A while ago I was pimping discussing the Dark Tower series with inmemoriam, the main topic of which was casting a movie, which of course every DT fan does. She's never read the books, so I thought, hmm. Who would I cast as Roland? I mean, y'know, besides Retro!Clint Eastwood.

Definitely not Paul Gross, as was her suggestion (when she reads the story, she'll realise how many worlds of wrong this would be).

But she got me thinking, and Collapse )

This is one of those subjects that I could waste time blithering on about for hours. However, since there's so much else to waste time blithering on about, I won't.

Anyone with any dreamcast!suggestions is welcome to chime in, though. Probably should add a couple of Americans, or it'll never get past Hollywood.

On second thought, maybe Bruce MacDonald should direct it.

Which brings up another question: Who should direct a DT film?

Credits: The first pic is from stormymouse's site, the second from c_regalis. I got the picture of Eddie Nick Lea from Google, so I don't know who to credit.

Okay, I'm done now.