October 28th, 2006

DT: sneetch

but I'll tell you life is sweet in spite of the misery; there's so much more, be grateful

Gacked from nmalfoy.

I swear I didn't cheat. And these were hard, not obvious questions!

10 Hard Questions from the Sorting Hat (Harry Potter)

Congratulations Hufflepuff! Yours is the strong house, the one with loyalty and compassion and a sense of fairness for all. You'd feed the world and bandage its wounds if you could. You may have ambitions and causes, but never at the expense of people. The pragmatic idealist and the servant. You recognize situational ethics. People may think you're unambitious, unintelligent or even cowardly, but you know the ties between human beings are worth more than wealth, success or fame. Yet you can grow complacent, and you sometimes have a horror of confronting people when they need it, not wanting to anger them, or making excuses for their bad behavior. You fear rejection and being expelled from 'the group' (whatever your group is). It can lead you into moral ambiguity; you might find yourself doing things that, in more sober moments, you'd condemn. Beware of becoming the Doormat. Historial analogy: Florence Nightengale
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