June 1st, 2009


I definitely need to stop eating leftover fried rice before bed.

Dorkiest. Dream. Ever.

Okay, so I was Somewhere in Ontario(tm), in a store that apparently was a competitor of Canadian Tire. It was a field trip of some kind, and I was with a whole group of people;catwalksalone, unhurt and meresy were also in the group.

For some reason we were camping out in said store, and I remember suggesting we also visit an actual Canadian Tire, since I'd never been in one (a true fact, btw, but um. Not one that bothers me, honest). Everyone was all, yeah, that's a great idea. They were all WAY too enthusiastic about this plan (including meresy, who, well. Just wouldn't get all het up like that in RL over a trip to Canadian Tire, fergodssake).

Someone else suggested we make a side trip to Ottawa (and okay, a trip to Ottawa as an afterthought to a planned visit to the local Canadian Tire? Um.). Anyway, we didn't do either of those things in my dream, but I did get to go on this giant swing that looked like a ski lift, and we all got to look around the store and then camp out on the floor in sleeping bags. There was a nerdy computer guy doing something Very Important there, too; I don't remember what it was, just that it was pretty much essential to life as we know it or something. And there was a little kid who may or may not have been my Amelia. There was more, which I would have been able to remember if I'd written this down right after I woke up.
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Unofficial Etiquette Pollage

After hearing a discussion on the radio about table manners and cultural/national ways of eating, I got curious and decided to ask you guys about it. According to the program, there is more than one way people in Western countries use a knife while eating. I did not know this, which shows just how much I don't know about culture.

So anyway, a poll:

Poll #1409363 Table manners poll

After cutting a piece of meat/other food requiring a knife in order to eat, do you

lay down the knife and switch fork to opposite hand before eating cut piece
eat cut piece with fork in same hand without laying down knife
do something else which I'll describe in a comment
I do not eat food requiring a knife.

In what country did you first learn basic table manners?