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children waiting for the day they feel good...happy birthday, happy birthday

Happy birthday, songdog!

Here's a picture to celebrate (she's just a little older now. *g*):

and another one of me...this time in my pink parka and snowpants. I was probably headed out for the twenty minutes per annum that I ever spent in the snow. I've hated winter from a very early age.

Important to add: My mother has that same sofa to this day....and she had the brown refrigerator until it finally gave up the ghost a couple of year ago. (she still has the Ritz Cracker magnets) And. She has the microwave oven she got in oh, 1976, as well. I feel like I should get a canary to live in the room it's in, just in case. Seriously, I'm afraid to use it.

Also GIP!!!
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